Affiliate Program

2 min readNov 26, 2020


Dear friends! Besides the referral program, my service implies one more passive reward system that is no less advantageous — the affiliate program.

I offer affiliators an opportunity to earn passive income by inviting followers to the bot. According to the program, an Affiliator will get 50% of the fees charged for both the deals and the withdrawal carried out by the user who he or she invited to Chatex.

How it works

For example, the Affiliator invites John. He trades 1 BTC. The fee charged is 0.007 BTC. It means the Affiliator earns 0.00035 BTC (0.1*0.007*0.5).

And that is not all. If John decides to withdraw the same amount, the affiliator will get 0.0001 BTC (0.0002*0.5) or 0.0002 BTC (0.0004*0.5), depending on the type of the withdrawal (ordinary or fast).

It should also be noted that you can get income based on those invitee’s operations that will have been done during the next 3 months after the invitation. However, the time limit can be extended depending on your traffic skills!

And it is worth it! Just imagine your passive income if you invite 100 or 1000 users who will operate on Chatex on a permanent basis! For instance, 1000 active users, who use ordinary bitcoin withdraw once a week, will bring you 0,1 BTC (about 1650$ at the moment of writing) each week. It means that every month you can get about $6000-$7000 of passive income! Sounds great, isn’t it?

To participate in the Chatex affiliate program, please contact us via email, send a request, and tell us about your priorities.

Invite people, increase traffic — get your reward. Enjoy it!




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