Chatex Announces the USDT ERC-20 Update

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I am proud to announce that the stablecoins USDT ERC-20 are now available for purchasing, storing, selling, and transferring on the Chatex platform. USDT Omni previously available on Chatex has been swapped to ERC-20 to offer you a better trading experience and higher speed of transactions.

Why stablecoins are must-have in your portfolio?

Stablecoins are designed to balance the volatile market. With its help, crypto investors and traders can play short on crypto-to-crypto exchanges, for example, by ‘mirroring’ the dollar and thus being able to sell BTC for cash on the exchange that doesn’t deal in USD. In general, you can turn to USDT if you don’t want to quit the crypto market by converting your digital assets into fiat. Having stocked up on stable coins, one can forget about rates of crypto prices and bottlenecks of crypto-to-fiat conversions for good.

What is USDT?

Tether (USDT) is a top-1 stablecoin and top-4 cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization. It is a coin that mirrors the US dollar, with the 1:1 price ratio, although its price may fluctuate a little (for instance, it can be priced at $1.01 but not $1).

Tether has built greater confidence and a high level of trust by working tirelessly to disrupt the legacy financial system through a more modern approach to money. My team at Chatex pursues the same objectives, that’s why there was no hesitation in deciding whether to integrate USDT into the Chatex system.

What is ERC-20?

The ERC-20 protocol stands out with its formidable list of advantages. ERC-2O-based cryptocurrencies use high-level contract-oriented programming with solidity syntax. Some of the USDT ERC-20 primary features include minimal cost and time of transaction processing, solidity nature, and greater compatibility. To put it briefly, ERC-20 means faster withdrawal confirmations — Ethereum network’s average block times of under 15 seconds allow users to confirm funds transfer sooner.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy using a new stablecoin to the fullest! Go to the Chatex bot on Telegram and buy your first ERCs right now.

CHATEX bot-messenger technology makes crypto exchange available to anyone with a standard smartphone.

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