Chatex users’ private data. vol.1

2 min readJul 16, 2021

Secure personal information collection and storage is one of the Chatex cryptobank’s top priorities. Our data collection and storage algorithm is 100% Data Protection Regulation compliant. We believe that it is the strict adherence to the Data Protection Regulation that makes our users feel completely safe. So, for the users data’s safety we use the following protection measures. These measures especially refer to data of our clients, who have successfully passed KYC:

  • Service security
    All data for processing is transmitted to us using a secure channel based on TLS 1.2 and is stored encrypted. Thus, we do not have direct access to the personal information of users.
  • Safe interface
    We use the most modern mechanisms to protect personal data. Two-factor authentication, robust security protocols, and suspicious activity notifications are just a few of the steps we take to keep our users calm. Information protection tools are installed on all computers and servers.
  • Secure infrastructure
    Personal data of our clients is processed in our partners’ powerful data center, which in terms of reliability and fault tolerance meets the requirements of the Tier III standard according to the Uptime Institute classification and the TIA-942 standard and is PCI DSS certified.

To protect users of our mobile application (crypto wallet), we also use the following additional protection measures in addition to the above:

  • Client key
    Created and maintained by the client. Used to initiate all interactions.
  • Backup key
    Created offline and stored offline by the disaster recovery client.
  • Additional protection measures
    Application users can independently configure additional measures to protect their assets

Join Chatex and be confident in the safety of your assets and personal data!




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