Chatex users’ private data. vol.2

2 min readJul 20, 2021


Chatex’s top priority is the security of our users’ data and assets. To ensure it, we use a number of security measures that protect different areas of receiving and processing information.

Mobile banking security

First of all, Chatex has all the same security measures like centralized exchanges. We have a BitGo custody provider and cold-wallets.

Secondly, using chatbots in general for banking and financial services is as safe as using mobile banks. Because all messengers have 2FA, users are able to add extra Face ID to open Telegram. Also, we have our own PIN-code system. So, every financial transaction initiated, must be confirmed with the PIN-code. This is very useful when you leave your Telegram unattended at home or office and somebody may come to your deck and use your Telegram. Moreover, in near future our users will get an opportunity to attach 2FA — apps for financial transactions.

Multi-stage KYC system

For users who have not completed KYC in full, we limit actions.

Internal audit

A lot of our employees’ time and resources are spent on professional development, since we are sure that a high level of expertise is one of the key factors that minimizes the possibility of sabotaging security. About 40% of our employees’ resources go directly to safety.

External audit

At the moment we are in active cooperation with the HACKEN company. Soon we will be able to fully share all the details of our interaction.

Legal protection

All employees sign non disclosure documents, so, legally, our users and their data are fully protected. We also have insurance funds to help resolve controversial issues.

Bugs contests

We have already held a competition to find bugs in our application. This is just the first of a series of planned contests.

Secure communication between Telegram and bot

The channel between the Telegram and the bot is protected by constantly updated protocols and certificates. In addition, all transactions can be tracked on the blockchain. In fact, Telegram is just a means of interaction between users and Chatex. We encourage all our users to use all the proposed security measures, both from our side and from Telegram’s side.

Security of transactions

Chatex acts as the mediator of the deal. If a deal has begun, Chatex guarantees that your funds will not be lost and the other party will not misappropriate your funds. Our arbitration works 24/7.

Join Chatex and be confident in the safety of your assets and personal data!




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