Stanford’s Bitcoin Mafia: Who Launched Worldwide Crypto Fever?

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It was in 2013. The Griffin 304 room in the Stanford University dormitory was saturated with the smell of books and moisture. Four Stanford students, Matt Ryals, Ryan Breslow, Pat Briggs, and John Backus were sitting at the computer monitor and … mining.

Who would have thought that a crypto fever was born in this little room? All students who lived and studied here in this room, as well as their friends and predecessors, became crypto millionaires and thought leaders in the crypto world.

That year, the Stanford University administration found that 10% of the electricity spent on providing a dormitory was spent in just one room. When university employees entered the room, they found themselves in a real technology bathhouse with a minimum of +40℃ inside and computers buzzing.

Eventually, a new team of guys who stood at the origins of Standford’s Bitcoin Mafia was created. It included Andy Bromberg, later the CoinList CEO, Bloom and Cognito founders John Backus and Alain Meyer, the Bolt founder Ryan Breslow, an investor Chris Barber, the Coinbase and Netflix developer Matt Ryals and Pat Briggs, who became Google’s full-time developer.

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