The easiest way to buy Bitcoin — Chatex Guide

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The main advantage of this bot is an intuitive interface, which makes it a great solution for both professionals and beginners in the field of crypto. Chatex is so easy to use that now my grandmother does not sew things in her spare time, she trades crypto.

In this guide, we reveal:

  • How to start working with the bot
  • How to buy bitcoin onChatex
  • What are Chatex features

Sign up for Chatex

To start working with the bot, you need to install Telegram on your smartphone or PC. The wallet is created automatically and linked to your phone number.

Step 1. Go to Chatex (@Chatex_bot), tap “Start” button and select your language.
Step 2. Come up with a unique username.
Step 3. Select your country from the list to match the content to your location.

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That’s it! You are registered now.

How to buy bitcoin on Chatex

To quickly buy bitcoin, tap “Buy BTC” button in the Chatex main menu.
First, choose the fiat currency (Dollar, Euro, Real, etc.) you want to buy bitcoin with. Then choose the payment method. In our case, it is PayPal.

When a list of users’ ads appears choose the appropriate one.

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Check the ad’s information about the seller and deal terms, and tap “Start”.
Enter the amount of BTC you want to buy. The amount of your purchase must meet the limits specified by the seller. Then check the amount again and tap “Confirm”. Wait until the seller responds.

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After the seller responds to the offer, make a payment and only then tap “Funds have been transfered”.

Next, you can specify the data that will help the seller to identify your payment (e.g. your bank card or account number, name, phone number, etc.). After the seller confirms he/she received the funds, the transaction will be completed and bitcoins will be transferred to your wallet automatically.

In case of disputes, it is possible to call an arbitrator. The arbitrator acts as the guarantor of the transaction: for example, if you have paid for the purchase, and the seller claims otherwise, the arbitrator enters into the resolution of this dispute. Arbitrator verifies the payment and the execution of the deal terms, and then makes a decision in favor of one of the parties.

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After the deal completes, the number of bitcoins received appears in your wallet. You can also leave feedback about the user.

Platform features

  1. Chatex is an officially registered service with European cryptocurrency exchange licenses; it complies with the legislation of the European Union.
  2. Chatex does not store any users’ personal data. The data is automatically transferred to the verification service (Sum&Substance Ltd), using a secure channel. Therefore, no one in Chatex has access to the users’ personal data.
  3. To provide security, Chatex uses reliable BitGo wallets. Moreover, it offers additional security measures such as PIN codes. It can be used with funds deposit/withdrawal, as well as when deal starts. This ensures that your funds stored in your Chatex wallet are highly secure.
  4. Chatex is a young project supported by experienced developers. This synthesis allows the service to constantly improve and keep up with the cryptocurrency market development.
  5. Telegram bot is available on all devices: from smartphones to PCs.
  6. Speed. A deal takes only 2–5 minutes.
  7. You can top up the balance of your crypto wallet instantly from any bank card.
  8. Chatex offers a referral program: you can earn 30% of the commission on you referrals’ transactions. The referral payments are charged to your Chatex wallet.

Pay attention:

At the moment, the bot works only on Telegram. However, we are to expand our target audience to new bots in Viber, Facebook and other messengers very soon.

The platform can be operated by fraudsters using various schemes (correspondence on behalf of technical support, offering tempting terms of the transaction, etc.). Chatex support is available only via the “Support” button inside the chat bot and will never offer you questionable schemes or request to disclose personal data — be vigilant.

You can use the bot from all devices that support Telegram messenger.

Besides the above, we also place due emphasis on the simplicity and user-friendliness of our bot. Still doubting? Try it now and see for yourself: @Chatex_bot

CHATEX bot-messenger technology makes crypto exchange available to anyone with a standard smartphone.

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